Life's Ambitions

places to see:
  • The West coast (I'm talking the Grand Canyon all the way to Crater Lake). 
  • Europe.  All of it.  Especially Paris, Rome, Venice, London, the Alps.  Really just all of it.
  • Greece.  See above.  
  • Hawaii.
  • Every SEC school.
things to do:
  • Skydive over the Alps.  Another reason the Euro trip is necessary.
  • Be the kind of writer people like to read.
  • Donate my hair to Locks of Love.
  • Run a 5K (I'm starting small, people). [check]
  • See a Taylor Swift concert. [check]
  • Own a photography business.
  • Sing on the Grand Ole Opry stage (a girl can dream, right?)
  • Be blissfully happy.
people to meet:

*I reserve the right to add to this list whenever I please.  It's a dreamer's prerogative.