Yours Truly

Basically everything you need to know about me can be boiled down to the following things:

Wesley-Kentucky-monograms-fountain Diet Coke-McDonald's french fries-black & white pictures-Harry Potter-Cavalier King Charles Spaniels-J.Crew-karaoke-The Serenity Deck-purple-fireflies-cowboy boots-Instagram-woodsers-Taylor Swift-dark chocolate-Bill & Joy- magnolias-fried pickles-Garth Brooks-antiques-Nike shorts-Florida-koozies-family reunions-Pinterest-porches-porch swings-built-ins-Riverside Arts Market-crafting-Graeters ice cream-goat cheese-Southern Living-Jeremiah 29:11

mopping-ironing-sunburns-roaches-lateness-endings-straightening my hair-blisters-Delores Umbridge-Teen Mom-sprouts-flossing-unmade beds-snakes-scary movies-car trips by myself-migranes

I'm going to say that one of my greatest accomplishments in life is that my "loves" list far outnumbers my "hates" list.  Besides...the loves are far more fun to read about, and definitely more fun to write about.  

So here's to life in my twenty-fifth year.  May it be ever full of all the things I love.