Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Scenic Route

Today was another day of photo taking. We spent the day scouting locations for our upcoming Farmers Market cookbook. It should be really fun to shoot on location as a change of pace from being in the studio.

Other than our exciting field trip, I also took a scenic drive around Birmingham and found a fabulous pair of sequined leggings at a thrift store and couldn’t resist buying them. I figured they would come in handy at some social or party next year. Besides those two exciting events, it was just another day of prop-closet organizing, catching up with a friend, broadening my cooking skills and forcing myself to work out to make up for the peach pie and peach ice cream I chowed on while we were out. Tomorrow it’s back to Weight Watchers shots in the studio, a much-needed break from the high-calorie diet I indulged in today.

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