Sunday, June 14, 2009

Georgia On My Mind

I just got home from an amazing weekend in Athens, a town where it’s not uncommon to walk across the stage at graduation with a diploma in your right hand and a diamond on your left (this was apparent by the four wedding announcements on my cousin’s refrigerator and the ten wedding photo albums she showed me).

It was great to catch up with the Mark Bunning family. I have been dying to visit my cousins, Amanda and Eric, at UGA for about three years now, and I was happy to finally be close enough for a weekend getaway.

When I arrived on Thursday night, Amanda and I went downtown for a bit and spent some time catching up. She introduced me to her friends as we walked down Broad Street and Clayton. It was really interesting to see the scenes in another college town.

Friday was spent lazily lounging around watching TV and getting some sunshine. We walked around campus and took some pictures, and Amanda told me all about UGA traditions, like ringing the bell when you have something to celebrate (like winning a game or getting married in the chapel next door) or only walking under their famous arch after you have graduated.

When the rest of her family arrived on Saturday, we played some more catch-up and went out to dinner. Then it was back to downtown with some of Eric’s friends (which was confusing because of all the "Bunz" shouting) and a good old-fashioned walk home from the bars.

I was sad to leave today, but I know it won’t be nearly as long before I see them again. With the UK vs. Florida game taking place in Lexington this year (a game no Bunning should miss) and our Bunning Family Cruise Extravaganza in December, there will be plenty of opportunities for us to spend time together.

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