Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Never Alone

Last night I sat at Alpha Chi for hours just watching people walk in and out. My fellow PC ‘06s and I sat on the front steps and just stared at the trees blowing in the wind. We just couldn’t bring ourselves to move from the place that brought us all together.

I remember sitting right there on that stoop with Amanda when we were just little freshmen taking crazy pictures. I helped her stumble up the stairs with a cut foot. We did countless walkouts there. I watched people go in and out from afar during my recruitments spent away. We gathered there before big/little and initiation. Right there on those front steps is where so many milestones have taken place. And we just couldn’t bring ourselves to walk away from them.

In the last two weeks I have found myself reverting back to my freshman self. Running around with the people I shared so many of those memories with acting exactly like the immature people we once were.

I know soon enough, I will have to say goodbye to that version of myself. But I know what I am not willing to say goodbye to: the love that I have found in this town. I’m going to take it with me into the next chapter of my life.

And I hope with every ounce of who I am that these bonds of sisterhood will not soon fade away. Despite the miles between us and the years the pass us by, they will forever be a part of the woman I have become and I will carry their love with me everywhere I go.

“May your tears come from laughing

You find friends worth having

With every year passing

They mean more than gold

May you win but stay humble

Smile more than grumble

And know when you stumble

You're never alone”

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