Friday, July 22, 2011

Are you gonna let us party alone?

Last night my friend Lynsey and I had big plans. We had attempted to recruit a large posse of people to accompany us to Mavericks in downtown Jacksonville for a fun-filled evening of boot scoot boogie-ing. All the plans were laid into place when, suddenly, everyone bailed on us. It was just Lynsey and me and our cowboy boots against the world. So we decided to forgo Mavericks and stay a little closer to home (mostly because Mavericks is not the kind of place you go to with only one other person--there are creepers everywhere).
That being said, 99.9% of the time, any man who approaches me in a bar is a creep. It's a curse I have. And it just so happens last night the curse effected more than just me. Poor Lynsey also had to deal with the 40-year-old man from Seattle who insisted on sitting in our booth and teaching us to properly slow dance (which was basically a sad excuse for him to touch us, I do believe). Lynsey caught the brunt of his creepiness when he invited her to have sushi on a yacht for his work party the next day (she politely declined). I do apologize, my dear friend. It's the curse.
Fast forward to dancing at Whiskey River and creeper #2 approaching us and introducing himself about one inch from our faces (his name immediately had me laughing). Then he wiped a nonexistent tear from Lynsey's face and we burst into a fit of giggles. He of course didn't take that as a hint that we weren't interested, but, instead, popped into all our pictures for the rest of the evening. What about this did he think was okay?
But despite the uncomfortable moments of persistent men, I had a wonderful time with a wonderful friend whom I am going to miss dearly when she moves. She is definitely someone who can turn any evening into a good time. But, I must say, with the events of last night I have completely given up on meeting a respectable man at a bar (not that I had much hope left anyway). My dear Dad's advice: meet them through friends. So...anyone have any friends? I know you do Lynsey Loo...

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