Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Nights

Yesterday was a pretty blissful summer day. I love Saturdays here at home because it's a time when my whole family can be together. Although the first half of the day was spent doing fairly routine things (grocery shopping, Lowe's trip, etc.), the evening was a perfect combination of all the best, yet most simple, things.
We grilled burgers for dinner. But not just any burgers, Gorgonzola stuffed burgers with the most spectacularly melted Monterey Jack cheese on top. After the first bite, I pretty much drooled cheese for the rest of the meal. And that was fine with me, because, let's face it, who doesn't love cheese? I also convinced my Dad to make the meal even more healthy (cough, cough) by frying up some onion rings and pickles. Holy moly, it was amazing. Just thinking about it now is making me hungry all over again.
After dinner we trekked down to Ft. Walton Beach for a round of Goofy Golf (but not before an impromptu stop at the mall where I lost all control and bought a ridiculously cute, yet mildly expensive pair of sandals...see above photo) Goofy Golf is a miniature golf course (obviously) that has been around for over 50 years. When my parents and I lived in Niceville 16 years ago, it was a pretty regular stop for us. They have the cheapest prices (only $3 for adults and $1.50 for kids!!) and 50 cent icees!! I mean you can get a night of entertainment for under $5...who can say that anymore?? We don't go very often anymore, but when we do it's like a time capsule adventure. My mini golf skills haven't improved much since I was six, so I obviously got my butt kicked. Luckily, Goofy Golf is one of those activities where your luck can go from good to bad to awesome to awful in a matter of holes. I started off absolutely dreadful, but then got my got ball knocked in by my mom on one of her "off" putts. Oh, the luck!! Somehow, it didn't really help me in the long run though...I'm just that bad.
My dad, the competitive Bunning that he is, was the clear winner. He even won a free pass by sinking a hole-in-one on the 18th hole. Maybe that will be a good excuse to go back before another three years goes by...But even if it is another three years before we make it down there again, I'm pretty sure it will be the same old course it has been for the last 53 years. Some things never change...and isn't that just a fabulous thought?

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