Thursday, September 29, 2011

Trip down Memory Lane

I recently took a hiatus from "teacher life" and escaped for five glorious days to the land of hills and horse pastures. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I went to Kentucky, and, naturally, I came home inspired. There is nothing like breaking a monotonous routine to remind you of the things you love in life. In this case, I was reminded of how much I love the amazing close-ness and large-ness of my family and, of course, crisp fall weather (which I don't experience much here in Florida).
This time while galavanting around Lexington, I finally made it (okay, I just peeked inside) to my dad's old college haunt, Two Keys. I have heard many a hilarious tale of late nights spent in its wooden booths. Although we never actually made it inside, I felt like I was finally a little closer to the memory of a time before my time. And, really, that's what my time in Kentucky is's about getting a little bit closer to the family that lives a life outside of my Floridian habitat. It's about driving down Memory Lane and taking a left on Winston Hill and catching a glimpse of the infamous sliding glass door. It's about driving down the same roads my dad walked down as a child as he headed to school. It's about remembering my great-grandmother and hearing about her amazing meat loaf and spaghetti and slumber parties at her old yellow house that I had never even seen before. It's about hitting up the local Kroger and buying three rolls of Goetta because it's a German thing and you can only get it in Northern Kentucky. It's about sitting on a back deck and sharing stories and welcoming a new member of the family and ringing a Mississippi State cowbell even though you hate all bulldogs just because you're really, really happy. And it's really just about looking forward and back at the exact same time and realizing that the best parts of life aren't necessarily to come...but they're right now. In that moment.

Bunz and I outside Two Keys

PS-- Special shout out to Mrs. Adams, the mother of the groom. It was wonderful to meet you! You gave me a reason to write again...

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