Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Own Little Corner

     You know how sometimes in life, for the longest periods of time, there is nothing really going on?  Not much to write home about.  Then, suddenly, life just takes off.  That’s how the last four months have been for me.  Still.  Calm.  Nothing to take my mind of the daily routine.  Then in an utter whirlwind of things gone right, everything just sped right up.  And I ended up here:


     After two years of Teach for America in Jacksonville, it was time, yet again, to decide “what next”? A lot of prayer and a little breeze through an open window ultimately led me to the decision that my time isn’t up in the River City yet.  I haven’t done all there is to do here.  I need more time.  So, more time is what I have.

     Since I had made the decision to stay, I decided to make it officially “official” and go ahead and make a move to a side of town I had been yearning to get into since I moved here.  I found an enchanting 1924 fourplex , instantly fell in love, and signed a lease two days later.  When it’s right, it’s right, ya know?

     So I parted with half my wardrobe and half my savings account, and I am finally settled in my new corner of the world.  And what a bright and cheerful and charming corner it is…

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