Saturday, January 11, 2014

Because of Joy

Because of Joy…

I am artsy and creative. At one point in time Joy could be seen doing all of the following (and rocking at it): pottery, sewing, making stained glass, writing books, embroidering…You name it, and she has done it.  

            I am unbelievably excited to be an aunt.  She is a seriously amazing aunt and makes it look like the absolute BEST thing in the world. 

            I have no shame.  Although she may not be the best singer and dancer, she is the first one to bust a move on the dance floor or belt along to a catchy song on the radio.  If it makes her happy and makes someone laugh, she’s all about it. 

            I have some serious Southern roots.

            I know that if I set my mind to something, no matter how hard it seems, I can achieve it.    

            I have confidence in who I am.

I know that when things get hard, I am strong enough to handle it.  It couldn’t have been easy being a military wife, but she certainly made it look that way.  From mowing the lawn to changing flat tires in the pouring rain, she is the epitome of the mantra, “I am woman, hear me roar!”                     

            I have a mouth that could get me into trouble.  

I know when it is acceptable to use the above mentioned mouth.

I know the importance of family.  She is a superstar aunt, a daughter who goes above and beyond for her parents, the kind of big sister people would kill for, an amazing wife, and a mother that is completely selfless.  She loves her family more than anything in the world and always puts them first.  I am so lucky to be able to call her my mom.

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