Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Best Day Ever

       As much as I love words (and, let’s be honest, I love them), I don’t think I could ever describe the beauty of our wedding day with them.  So, instead, I am going to let the pictures to the talking, and add a few details here and there to fill in the gaps. 

      June 28 was a rainy, gloomy morning, and my anxiety was high being that we had planned an outdoor ceremony.  But my sweet husband-to-be knew exactly how to make me smile.  He sent a special delivery via his mom: 52 Reasons I Want To Marry You.

       My mom and I had a perfect mother-daughter moment when she gave me my something old, new, borrowed and blue and helped me put on my dress.  My bridesmaids made me feel absolutely beautiful when they saw me in my dress for the first time.  Despite the rain and the last minute change of plans, the morning was shaping up to be quite beautiful.  

Everything came together, and it was finally time to get married.

We laughed a lot.

We cried a little.

Wes's dad prayed for our marriage.

We planted a tree.

We exchanged some rings.

And said some vows.

And, then, all of a sudden, after months of planning, we were husband and wife.  

So we celebrated by hugging a lot of people that we love.

 And taking lots of pictures.

And then we danced.  With each other...

And with some people we really, really love.

And then it was time for toasts.

And people said some really thoughtful things (thanks Dad, Scott, and Katie).  And some really hilarious things (thanks, Keith.)

There was some amazing cake.

And then this ridiculously epic dance party ensued. 

And somehow, just kept getting more and more ridiculous and more and more epic.

And then we did tradition-y things like toss the bouquet...

And the garter.

And just when I thought the night couldn't get any better, this amazingly perfect thing happened.

My husband sang to me.  In front of all of our family and friends.  And I absolutely loved it. Absolutely.  Loved.  It.  

And then the most amazing day of my life ended under a sea of sparkling lights with the man of my dreams.

Photos by Erin Blinn, Honey & Salt Photography

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