Sunday, September 27, 2009

There's Nothing Quite Like It

There is nothing quite like getting out of dodge for the weekend. Being in the hot and sweaty state of Florida on a Thursday night and bundling up to protect yourself from the biting breeze of Kentucky on Friday evening.

There is nothing quite like seeing your family for the first time in a year and a half and catching up over some friendly football rivalry and a few bottles of wine.

There is nothing quite like meeting 50 new people on a Friday night while you photograph a milestone in someone’s life and celebrate right along with them.

There is nothing quite like the random stories that come from mixing a night with these new friends with an unlimited bar, a million dollar backyard, and limousine rides to and from Kroger for 10-pound bags of ice.

There is nothing quite like cheering on your Gators as they play their best quarter of football of the season, and feeling the intense bond with 100s of other fans as you all hold your breath together while the heart and soul of your team lies motionless on the field.

There is nothing quite like being a Gator: From the highs of the National Championships, to the lows of the moments that knock your breath out. From the insults from other fans you know will never mean a thing, to the inspiring words from an icon that will forever go down in history.

There is nothing quite like being a Gator.

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