Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Love New Yorks

Yorks are of a special breed. We are handpicked. Brunette (it takes a special one to break this mold). Classy. Charlotte York incarnate.

Last Thursday we added five New Yorks to our family. We were all very pleased to welcome them to a world of martinis and monolos, and they were pleased to be there.

After a photo session the likes of which we had never seen before, we took the party to The Swamp Restaurant. There was much bonding over spinach artichoke dip, Sunday Specials, and a Big/Little dance off between Summer and I as we fist pumped to Love Story.

All in all, our five new additions couldn’t be more perfect. With three of us graduating in the spring we needed FABULOUS babies to carry on our tradition of excellence. I couldn’t be more proud to be the matriarch of these eleven amazing women. Congratulations, New Yorks! Grams loves you!!

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