Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Today was a good day. It inspired me. I sat in my room for most of the day, in full production mode, knocking out homework with due dates in the far future. But as I sat here, vanilla candle burning on the table beside my bed, I felt Fall. I could see it in the way the light made funny patterns through my sheer white curtains. I could smell it when I ventured into the kitchen and the pumpkin candle burning in the living room hit me like a wall (we are candle people here at OT). I could feel the imminent coolness that can’t get here quite fast enough. I’m sure it will have been an illusion when I step outside in a few minutes. All in all, today was just a day for the books. Even with all the stressors life has thrown my way in the last few weeks, I somehow found a way to be in complete peace today.

These pictures also really made me happy, and I wanted them to make someone else happy too. McKenzie is beautiful and smart and loved modeling for me last weekend. Watching her experience the magic of the Swamp for the first time after four years of waiting was another one of those peaceful moments like I felt today. As she held up her “Go, Tim Tebow” sign with a huge grin on her face, I couldn’t help but smile with her. I just love the way little kids look at the world. Maybe that’s how I was looking at things today: like something exciting is coming and whatever happened yesterday or last week isn’t so important anymore.

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