Sunday, May 30, 2010

Friendly Competition

Well I’ve been home for about 4 weeks now, and, until yesterday, I hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary. So my dad and I decided to get out of dodge for the day. We hopped in the car and made the hour and a half trip to Seaside, a place where we used to visit a lot, but hadn’t graced with our presence in around nine years (I believe it is the mark that you are crossing over into adulthood when you can say it has been nine years since you have done something).

photo by Dad

Seaside has changed a lot since the last time we were there, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves via a friendly Father-Daughter photo competition. I have learned so much about photography from my dad, and I love shooting with him. I am a firm believer that our eyes and creativity and knowledge (and my lenses) are the perfect compliment to each other. Together we could create a masterpiece. And although the pictures may be a far cry from perfect, the day was as close to a masterpiece as I could have imagined.

(Dad said this sky was worth capturing, and I must say, I agree.)

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