Saturday, January 29, 2011

Breathing Air Again

It's a month into 2011, and the New Year's resolution is off to a solid start. In the last month I have done many things that make me happy including, but not limited to: catching some rays at the beach (something that can only be done in Florida in the month of January), taking pictures of the beautiful city I live in (evidence can be seen above), and diving into a truly amazing Bible study with some truly amazing women.

I honestly cannot even begin to express to you how happy I am with the start of 2011. Aside from the fact that this January has been quite possibly the longest month I have ever lived through, I really can’t complain about the new direction my life has taken. I have discovered so much about this life that makes me utterly excited to see what each day is going to bring. I have blissfully accepted the uncertainty of where exactly it is I am heading, and given in to a higher power of guidance. And, quite frankly, I am completely satisfied.

I have spent some time in the last couple days, reflecting on how far I have come in just the last few weeks, let alone the last year. I look back at this time last year and barely recognize the person I was. It amazes me how completely absorbed I was in making my life what I wanted it to be. I was so deep in “me” that I couldn’t see much else around me. A year ago, I had no idea where I was headed and I was basically drowning in the uncertainty of it all. Little did I know that all the things I was trying so hard to hold on to were the exact things that were pulling me even deeper under water. I must say, it feels nice to be able to breathe again.

Even as I write this, I am taking a deep breath and I can’t help but smile because it seems I have finally found what was missing in my life. After all that searching, it was right in front me all along.

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