Sunday, January 2, 2011

What I Love About Sundays

To be completely honest, the reason I haven’t written since August can pretty much be boiled down to one thing: I didn’t think my life was entertaining enough to write about. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the antics of my 6th grade students are very eventful, but crazy 6th graders just aren’t what Swamp Gravy is about. And since my life has been pretty consumed by them these last several months, I have had very little inspiration for my perspective-filled blog.

So, I decided to be “solution oriented” and figure out how to get my inspiration back. This is what I came up with:

I decided that 2011 deserves to begin with things that make me happy. And it just so happens that this, Swamp Gravy, makes me very happy. Over the summer I wrote a post that discussed all the things that I enjoy doing, and it is my new year’s resolution to do more of them. Since I moved to Jacksonville, I haven’t taken many pictures (another reason I haven’t had much to share with you), I haven’t done much traveling, I haven’t read many good books, or cooked a delicious new recipe, and the thing I’ve done least of all is confide in a piece of paper.

It is my hope for 2011, that I can work more of these little pleasures into my life. I want to see a new place (even if it’s just a new place in Jacksonville) and take pictures of it and then come home and write about it. I want to open one of my many Southern Living cookbooks and make a delicious new recipe. I want to take a bubble bath and completely submerge myself into a great book.

I started my new mantra today, on Sunday, my favorite day. Sundays have been a day of productive restfulness for me since I began working. I know this sounds like an oxymoron, but allow me to explain. Sundays are my day to prepare for the week ahead. I spend some time with Jesus, buy some groceries, clean up around the apartment, and do a lot of relaxing. Basically, I try to end every Sunday feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead.

Today was the model Sunday. I woke up early and grocery shopped and then headed to church with some good friends. I ran some errands, mopped some floors, cooked some dinner, and now I am fulfilling my resolution and doing something that makes me smile. And even though tomorrow is a day I am NOT looking forward to, I can look forward to friendship and fellowship in the week ahead. I can look forward to Monday night Girl’s Night and bridesmaid dress shopping this weekend. Because even though my days might be filled with stress, that doesn’t mean my life has to be.

So here’s to 2011! May we all find something every day that makes us laugh and smile and feel that passion for life. Because without that, we really don’t have much to write home about…

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