Sunday, June 17, 2012

10 Things I've Learned from my Dad

In honor of Father’s Day, I wanted to take some time to share some of the lessons my Daddy has taught me over the years.  A man of wisdom, he never lacks in advice to dole out, and I thought it was time I shared some of his tidbits with you. 

(photo by Erin Blinn)

1.              He taught me how to dance.  Specifically, the pretzel.  More generally he taught me how to shake it to the rhythm.  He brings out the crazy in me on the dance floor.  I can’t bust a move without contributing the skills behind it to my dad. 

2.             He taught me how to do math.  Addition, subtraction, geometry, algebra, calculus, trig…Anything with numbers, I know because of him.

3.             Because of him, I have an appreciation for good music.  There is a significant portion of my iPod dedicated to “oldies but goodies” as I like to call them.  On any given day, I have been known to rock out to the Eagles or Elton John, then it’s time to bust out the dance moves (see number 1). 

4.             He challenges me to be brave when it comes to spicy food.  I have a hard time letting him win out when it comes to salsas, pepper jellies, or anything of the sort. 

5.              He has taught me there is always a solution.  I have been known to say on many an occasion, “my daddy can solve any problem.”  And I truly believe this is true.  I truly believe there is nothing he can’t do. 

6.             He has taught me sarcasm.  I’m fluent in the language because of him. 

7.              Because of my dad, I can embrace the silly.  I know it’s okay to randomly make up songs about Wal-Mart, dance a jig to a song from Harry Potter, be known as “Happy Thighs” on the dance floor.  When it comes to making a fool of myself, I really have no shame. 

8.             Work hard.  Nothing comes easily.  He is a shining example of doing all you need to do to provide for your family.  Working long hours, being deployed for long periods of time.  He puts his family first, and because of this I aspire to be just like him.

9.             Most recently my dad has reminded me how to dream.  He has taught me that you’re never too old; it’s never too late.  Sometimes it’s a risk, but anything worth having in life is worth working for.  And when you’ve been dreaming about something for as long as you can remember, it’s never a bad thing to chase after it. 

10.           He’s taught me what it means to be a man; what it means to care for a family.  I know what I want in life because of him.  I know what I deserve in life because of him.  He taught me the measure of a man, of a father, and now I will settle for nothing less than the high bar he has set. 

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