Thursday, June 14, 2012

On the Road Again

           Summer vacation is finally here, and I have been swept up in it.  I have spent the last week at my parents’ house doing a whole lot of nothing.  Although, for the first couple of days I did a fair amount of pouting due to the gloomy, tropical storm-like weather, but the sun finally made an appearance on Tuesday and I was finally able to trade my ghostly face for some sun-kissed cheeks. 
            Today, though, I am back on the road.  My parents and I have packed up the car, loaded up the iPod, and stocked the snack bag for our ten-hour drive to Texas for my cousin’s wedding.  The route takes us through the heartlands of the South…Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas herself.  We have taken it upon ourselves to play songs about each state as we drive along, kicking off the road trip with none other than “Sweet Home Alabama”. 
            I have been looking forward to this Big Texas Wedding Weekend for a long time.  My cowboy boots are packed, folks, and I am hoping to get some line dancing in while I’m in the Lone Star state.  Don’t worry; I’ll take lots of pictures…
            Any suggestions for songs we should play along the way?


  1. Hope you are having a great trip to the wedding! Which part of Mississippi did you travel through?

    Still loving the blog!
    Sherry Adams (Ryan's Mom)

  2. The wedding was a wonderful time! We traveled along I-10 in Mississippi. Thanks for commenting; it's nice to know you're reading and enjoying. :)