Monday, February 17, 2014

Planning for Marriage

            For the last 10 months I have been in wedding planning mode, but I have yet to see the fruits of any of my labor.  It has been all phone calls and emails and meetings.  All to-do lists and checklists.  All this time it has sometimes felt like I am more of the wedding planner than the actual bride. 
This weekend was my very first wedding shower.  After 10 months of being engaged, it was wonderful to finally celebrate with so many loved ones.  On the drive into Georgia on Saturday, I was filled with anticipation.  Everything was so perfect.  The food was delicious.  And the people made it really, really special.  I had friends drive from Gainesville and Jacksonville just for the few hours of the shower.  I felt truly honored and loved to have people take time away from the busyness of life to help me celebrate.
I can’t wait to feel that wonderful feeling over and over again in the months to come.  But beyond being excited for all the events leading up to the wedding and the wedding itself, I am filled with anticipation for our marriage.  Because that feeling of love when someone takes time out just for you, that is what marriage is all about.  The choice to be there.  The choice to love.  I am beyond thrilled that Wes is choosing to be there for me in the years to come.  I am incredibly honored that he is choosing to love me. 
             It can be so easy when planning a wedding to get caught up in the excitement and planning and to forget what it is all for.  The marriage.  Because after all the emails have been sent and all the items checked off the list, after the flowers have been perfectly arranged and all the gifts opened, after the vows have been said and the bride has been kissed, after the first dance is done and the bouquet is tossed, there’s only one thing left.  Love.  And, in the end, as you are carried over the threshold into your new life together, that’s all that matters.

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