Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Slow Days of Winter

A couple posts ago I mentioned that the weather here in good ole Kentucky has been something to adjust to.  And apparently I’m not alone in this sentiment.  This winter has been one for the books for many of us; it just so happens that it’s been especially noteworthy for this Florida girl. 
Spending most of my childhood in the Panhandle taught me to truly appreciate the value of a good snowfall.  Last Christmas when Wes and I were in Kentucky visiting, I was a giddy child at the fall of the first snowflake, making him take pictures with me on the steps of his parent’s house.  The two of us left the house early one morning to go sledding down a huge hill by his grandmother’s house and make perfect snow angels with no handprint in the middle.  The snow was a great adventure for me, so beautiful and full of potential.  And in it I was young and carefree. 

Snow seems to be a regular part of my life now.  It would be quite easy for me to grow tired of it, to dread its appearance, to bah humbug my way into a grumpy mood all winter.  But, to me, it’s still just as magical.  Despite the 10 snow days we’ve had this year, I still love the surprise of waking up to a crisp white blanket on the ground.  I’ve made the most of our many days off, taking the time to be productive and recharge all at once.  And even though it might be the middle of June before we get out for the summer, I still can’t say I’m ready to see the end of winter. 

There is just something about it that makes life slow down a little.  It almost makes me sad when I see it start to melt, like time is resuming, like things are beginning to change.  In the other seasons you see so much progress, the days seem to fly by.  There is so much growth and life in the spring; there are so many things to anticipate.  Summer zooms past in the blink of an eye even though you’re trying to slow it down with all your might.  You can literally see the time pass in fall as the leaves gradually begin their change and slowly fall to the ground.  But in winter, oh, how the snow can make time stand still, seem frozen.  If only we could all learn to appreciate it while it’s here. 

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