Friday, March 28, 2014

March Madness

Winter is officially coming to a close in the Bluegrass. Wes and I are heading south for spring break, and the long car ride has finally given me time to process all the excitement that the month of March has brought. It has, in fact, been a jam-packed month, filled with lots of “firsts” that have left our heads spinning.  There is a tangible excitement buzzing throughout the car this morning, and whether it’s the Kentucky game this evening or the Bachelorette Extravaganza about to dominate my weekend, or the other really super, extremely exciting news we got yesterday (to be announced soon), there is definitely a lot to celebrate.  But I couldn’t even begin to recap the literal “March Madness” we’ve had this year without going back a little bit farther to February 28. 
On that day I became “Aunt Hannah” for the first time, a title I have dreamed of having for many years.  As an only child, I always wondered if I would ever get to bear that title and what that relationship might look like.  But after meeting Wells and Elinor, all my questions were answered.  Even in the very first moment I laid my eyes on them I knew I couldn’t love them any more if they were my own blood.  My heart filled with joy, and has continued to overflow every moment I have spent with them in the four weeks since their birth. 
These days there are few things I love more than Elinor’s precious pout or Wells’s chubby cheeks.  My new happy place is anywhere where they are, preferably with one of them sleeping on my chest.  Changing diapers and giving bottles are now some of my favorite things.  In the 10 days I am going to be gone to Florida this week, I worry about all the things I will miss.  How much will they have grown and changed when we return?

          Already I can’t wait for all the moments I will get to share with them: their baptism in May, our wedding in June (there is already a dance being planned just for them), Christmases and birthdays, slumber parties with chocolate chip pancakes, bike rides and “house” and vacations.  I can’t wait to spoil them and love on them and let them know every day how absolutely precious they are to me in every possible way.  They gave me a gift I have always wanted.  A gift I have always dreamed of.  They made me an aunt, and for that I will love them forever.

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