Wednesday, April 2, 2014


            Wes and I are on the road again; this time en route to our old home and the place where we fell in love: Jacksonville.  We are both beyond excited, and feeling very sentimental as we make the all-too-familiar drive down I-10.  Today’s Hits Radio is blaring on Pandora, and we are slowly reverting back into less mature versions of ourselves as we prepare for a few days of reliving “the good ole days” in the Florida sun. 
            I’ve gotten to do a lot of that this week, actually.  Having my Bachelorette party on the beach was a pretty genius idea, if I do say so myself.  Although I have to admit, I was a little bit nervous about the weekend.  I invited all of my best friends from all the different chapters of my life, but many of them didn’t know each other.  I was worried about how everyone’s personalities would mesh.  But as we sat in the condo on Saturday night, and I looked around the room at all the women in my life who mean the most to me, I was amazed at how everyone just clicked.  It was like, despite the fact that all of our lives are so different, everyone was meant to become friends last weekend.  

            We lounged on the beach all day on Saturday, falling in and out of easy conversation and utter relaxation.  Inside jokes were made almost instantly and were thrown about throughout the entire weekend followed by choruses of laughter.  My stomach actually started to hurt from laughing so much.  There is just something about being with your girlfriends that can make you feel like everything is right in the world, especially when so many people come together so perfectly and for no other reason than to celebrate you.  Or in this  I am such an incredibly lucky lady to be able to call these amazing women my best friends, and I cannot wait until the next time we are all together…at my wedding! 

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