Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sun & Sand and Stars & Stripes

In true 4th of July fashion, we spent yesterday having fun in the sun. It was a full day of Jet Skiing, fireworks and good food. Between my Dad’s homemade salsa and the perfect weather outside, it was a toss up as to where my time would be better spent. One of my favorite things about summer (which also happens to be a rare occurrence these days) is being on the Jet Ski all by myself in the middle of the bay when it’s as smooth as glass and flooring the engine. The view of the 3-mile bridge on the horizon and miles of water flying past me is serenity at its best in my opinion. When I was taking my turn on the water I decided to travel all the way from 3-mile to Garcon Point and back (I loved driving past all my friend’s houses, even though they weren’t home). When the sun finally set, it was time for the Gallardo’s Fireworks Extravaganza. We even raced Gator firecrackers on their front porch! From the view on their dock we could see fireworks left and right. It was hard to decide which direction to look. We could even see the fireworks exploding in America’s first city, I mean, who could ask for more?

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