Friday, July 13, 2012


            My last week of summer vacation has turned out an art project (pictured above).  I have had the giant canvas for a year now and have been searching for something to do with it ever since.  I finally discovered this tutorial on Pinterest, and the rest is history.  The only problem was I didn’t know what quote I wanted to put on it.  I finally settled on the one pictured: “Where you invest your love, you invest your life.”
            The quote is a lyric from “Awake My Soul” by Mumford & Sons.  Although I have only dabbled in their music (I do love their sound), this particular line really struck me.  It got me thinking about the kinds of things I want my life to be invested with.  Are those the things I am investing my love in?  I want my life to be rich with passion and filled with the people I care most about.  So, therefore, those should be the things I love most of all.  But I should not only invest my love in my family and friends (which I can say without a doubt that I already do), but I should also invest my love in the work that I am called to do and the things that leave me fulfilled. 
I am excited to take on this new adventure God has put in front of me this year.  However, I am also excited about the passion for writing that has been reignited in me this summer.  And, although I know that when my routine begins again it will be harder for me to keep up the regular posting I have become accustomed to this summer, it is my hope that the investment I have made over the past several weeks will not quickly be forgotten.  With this new chapter of life will come new challenges and new celebrations, and I can only hope that I will invest my time into sharing these experiences.  You see, writing brings me joy and peace of mind.  It helps me settle the thoughts that are constantly bouncing around inside my head.  Whether I am writing for an audience or just for myself makes no difference, really.  It is what I love.  Although this may not be what I have been called to do for a living, it is definitely something I have been called to do for life.  And that is why I plan to invest my some of my love right here…if you’ll let me.  

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